X1 Ergo Compact

This is the second prototype of the Programmer's Keyboard v3. It's basically the same as the I-Board except it's now balanced, by moving the I keys to the centre. I've also moved the side clusters in closer, makeing it easier to hit the backspace and delete keys.

This is a prototype design, I have no idea how practical it will be (yet).

The key layout is from my X1 layout, migrated into an Ergo form factor.

Along the way I reduced the total keycount from ANSI 104 down to 76.

The text labels have been replaced with mostly-Unicode symbols, while the AltGr key has now become the NumPunc key, for accessing the digits and punctuation on the alpha keys.

The centre numpad has also been enhanced, to feature punctuation commonly used with digits. The Backspace, Delete, Space, Home and End keys are easily accessible, whether your hands are in Home position, or working on the numpad. There's also an extra convenient Tab key on the numpad.

I've added a few useful currency and other symbols on mnemonic keys.

Ctrl-Z/X/C/V/B/S are now on the right hand and very convenient. Crtl-C looks like a stretch, but you can actually use Crtl-Insert, which are next to each other. Similarly for Ctrl-T (new tab in browsers), Ctrl-W (close tab in browsers) and Ctrl-R (reload in browsers). Ctrl-N ("new" in assorted programs), Ctrl-S (save), Crtl-P are all easily accessible by the right hand. I'll just have to learn to use Crtl-S to save instead of Alt-F S (old habit from ancient Win 3.1 editor).
I use the mouse on the left hand because it's better that way, even though I'm right-handed.

Alt-Ctrl-Del is doable on the left hand.

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X1 Ergo Compact