ANSI 104 Ian X1

24 October 2016

At the time of writing it is THE BEST performing ANSI computer keyboard layout, as measured by KLA with Den's scoring (and with only some tests done), as well as second best as measured with Patrick's scoring, across all tests. Den's scoring is more accurate than Patrick's for these sort of layouts, which use unconventional key actions.

By comparison, the current average scores (at time of writing) for this vs other well-known (and not-so-well-known) layouts, as per Den's scoring:
LayoutAverage KLA score, 11 tests (to date), Den's scoring
Ian X1 109.0691
Colemak Rshift-AltGr-Enter mod133.5800
BvoFRak EN V0.5148.4409
Balance Twelve149.8827
Aus der Neo-Welt151.7573
Vu Keys 154.5936
Colemak 158.6018
Klausler 161.8291
MTGAP 162.0445
QWERTY 192.5609

Some thoughts/notes on the layout:

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ANSI 104 Ian X1